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Why is it so?

A few days back we had a family ritual at home and five ladies who are married were called at home for the traditional event we do every year. One women's husband is a doctor and she removed the mask when she got home here and I wore it. So all this scenarios make me… Continue reading Why is it so?

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Sheroes Hangout

Today you would be reading about the Hang out place which is "Sheroes" It is one of the Hangout place started by acid attack survivors. I would like to get their story here on this article as much as I could because they are really inspiring. So, I simply found about this place when I… Continue reading Sheroes Hangout

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Birthday & “After” review.

Hey!! Yes! I saw the movie "After" and I feel that reading the books was much more intense experience. The movie is made in rush I guess and is very very fast. Those who have read the series knew what to expect but of course a one hour movie can't absorb all the scenes established… Continue reading Birthday & “After” review.

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NaPoWriMo #1 New beginning

New beginning Oh!! What new beginning you are talking about? Which will start when I will say 'no' Which will start when I will ignore and just say 'oh' Which could start when I will build up my own territory.. Which will give me freedom to think and be whoever I want. Which will allow… Continue reading NaPoWriMo #1 New beginning