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laptop bag

Happy Thanksgiving! As a short-trip is on the cards I purchased this nice Samsonite High Sierra. My uncle came over so I went along with him to check the shop out. They had great leather cases and all that jazz. He lit a lighter and brushed it across the leather back. Carrying stuff only in… Continue reading laptop bag

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I launched my professional website!

Homies! I've launched my professional website a day ago. Yay! I am so happy. It feels really good and everything else in life has been clicking well too. So, I built the website on Zyro. It is a website builder that gives off great templates and stuff like that and is by Hostinger. I got… Continue reading I launched my professional website!

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Trio of disappointments & a moment of sunshine

A) When a person declines your pitch saying nothing about the content itself but about the punctuations then things go downhill. In reality the punctuations are present wherever they are needed. This person is not giving the right feedback at all. There is no constructive criticism. When the pitch was proofread, nothing stupid was found.… Continue reading Trio of disappointments & a moment of sunshine