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I am partially vaccinated!

Towards hope! Token no. 11 Your girl booked a slot and then headed to the centre that day to see how the folks were being crazy and not even standing in the line. Your girl loves when some rules are understood and followed. The centre I went to didn’t rule out any laws and hence… Continue reading I am partially vaccinated!

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First birthday of another decade…

Yes! It's 2021 and I am celebrating my birthday of this brand new decade. I am so proud of myself and how versatile I am now and becoming. I look forward to take pretty good decisions ahead as well which will mould my life and hold a good pace for my journey. I am glad… Continue reading First birthday of another decade…

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Dates & Tastes- January round up

Ask questions and get straight answers so you are free to wade through the sea even if its on your own. So. So. So. The two guys I was dating are done with. One of them is like very confusing but you know what I really liked him. He is super good with words and… Continue reading Dates & Tastes- January round up