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That internship experience!

Hello!! Internshala have helped lots of students. Certainly!! It have played a very important role in my twenties. While we are in our college we exactly aren't aware about the corporate culture and what shall be our work ethics like. And acquiring this skills is possible when we are exposed to certain things. Internshala have… Continue reading That internship experience!

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Birthday & “After” review.

Hey!! Yes! I saw the movie "After" and I feel that reading the books was much more intense experience. The movie is made in rush I guess and is very very fast. Those who have read the series knew what to expect but of course a one hour movie can't absorb all the scenes established… Continue reading Birthday & “After” review.

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“After” movie this April!

Sunny sunny summer have began and I m loving the coziness which I get when I cut off that scorching sun coming in. Staying cool becomes priority! Few more days to go... It's gonna be my birthday!! I m so happy!! It feels so good!!! Things I learnt..Sharing top 5... * Life is awesome! Be… Continue reading “After” movie this April!

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NaPoWriMo #1 New beginning

New beginning Oh!! What new beginning you are talking about? Which will start when I will say 'no' Which will start when I will ignore and just say 'oh' Which could start when I will build up my own territory.. Which will give me freedom to think and be whoever I want. Which will allow… Continue reading NaPoWriMo #1 New beginning