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Be prepared with wisdom and condoms!!

Hey!! The day begins with something in head and ends with something in heart. Twenties are all about feeling compassionate towards others. Thou' we experience lots of moments which hurts us. We shall love in every way possible no matter what's happening with us or around us which could be bothering us. We notice! We… Continue reading Be prepared with wisdom and condoms!!

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You are different

When we are delivered with whatever we want. It feels good.   Sometimes, to know ourselves more nicely it's necessary to say no to the things we used to say yes to. Just to know what exactly you want!!   Remember, you are different person. You may go into something which is awesome but your… Continue reading You are different

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Headspace in twenties

Hello! I was watching YouTube this morning and the ad began which was about Headspace. May be you know what it is.. Those who don't know it's an app useful for those who want to meditate. Then, I was curious about which man began with this thing which turned into headspace and YouTube is running… Continue reading Headspace in twenties

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Words, Travel and More!!

Hello!! How are you?  How are you feeling now? Getting comfortable with what makes you uncomfortable. It helps a writer to just know every situation so well. We can't live our life just by running from the situation always. You have to live it to become a good writer and to be a good writer.… Continue reading Words, Travel and More!!