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Ethereum merged

Ethereum was merged a while back and everyone was watching the build up to the moment for over a decade. I've been watching it right now with open eyes. Trying to consume the next layer of miracle which is blooming here onwards. That would make our lives easier. Easier to just be in without having… Continue reading Ethereum merged

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WordPress & Jetpack App

One day my WP had a green colour notification pop up and I was like what is it? In the community portal there was an update that one could also use Jetpack app to interact and create. I installed the other one and there are not many differences at the moment. You would just get… Continue reading WordPress & Jetpack App

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Dailies – Through the day

My day becomes wonderful when I have all my favorite products around me staring at me. I am very much into self-care products and many of them get into my "necessity" category all the time. As I set budget and nowadays try to categorize my "necessities" & "wants" I always prioritize the earlier category. As… Continue reading Dailies – Through the day