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Let the love come in!

Define the goals they say. It is so really true indeed. It is a good decision to part ways if the person is uncertain about their living situation meaning where they want to migrate and for how long and would they ever come back or how often would they come back. The man I was seeing who had to go probably relocate to complete his medical residency didn’t know whether he would be able to show up in town that often. Long distance relationship or anything as such not only requires one to have communication but also there needs to be a timeframe where both are on the same page about.

Love can give hope for a while but later the drive needs some factual foundation as well. So far I’ve understood that that is very necessary. And when we got to the decision to finally make it a call he was very proud of us for taking the decision. You see, even though some decisions could make one sad it doesn’t mean it is a wrong decision. As I always say always choose whatever is for the highest good.

He went on his knees and put a paper ring on my finger I gave him few days back. It was surreal moment. Very magical! I am so grateful that it happened. Then as it was his paper ring (which I gave prior) I pulled the same from my finger and put it over his finger and kissed it. There was no disappointment with each other at all. Not pissed. But a mature adult deciding stuff and another one resonating with it all.

We were all over each other until till the door closed. It was a magical episode which helped me evolve as a person. Even in the departure there were so many magical moments tucked through and through which I will clutch onto forever.

The morning embraces the morning lands that took me towards him and the morning breeze that knows it all will be cherished. I am glad that I showed up and allowed myself to receive and give in this involvement. He was going to relocate probably after a few months but time happened to be on steroids and it happened way sooner. But it happened. Things happen!

Let the love come in!


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