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Turkish 26

Turkish food obsessed

On my birthday I took myself out to a very lux restaurant that serves Turkish, Mughlai and Arabic food. I’ve been so obsessed with everything Turkish drama and songs that I had to make it about tasting some scrumptious dishes. I loved their hospitality so much. The taste is too good as well. The dish I am having in the picture is Zaatar Fatayer. It kinda feels like a Russian footlong but with oregano filling in it. Tasty!

I ate Baklava and Kazandebi for dessert and felt like a Queen after wrapping my birthday present to myself. I’ll often visit this Restaurant I guess. It just feels so good!

Lady in Cap

A nook in the restaurant had the piles of Turkish Caps kept rightin and I got one for picture sake.

Yay me!

The last whole week went by in getting birthday calls from the folks that have forgotten the date or those who didn’t have time to call or drop a text. The very next day my aunty came over and I got a nice red heart-shaped cake and it was really soft and yum.

I am very grateful and I will cherish each moment of becoming the saucy, horny and quirky version of myself.

In the late 2020s, I was introduced to the Turkish series. I saw Dolunay and Bay Yanlis. The starring actors are so good-looking and cute that I used to watch long hours of episodes without subtitles/dubbing. The opening credit of both the serials have stayed with me and just makes me bring back that loving groove. The melodies are so lively. This track from Dolunay and this one from Bay Yanlis

Do let me know how do you like it?

When my friend called me on my birthday we covered topics such as how our parents are, how they treated us and how they are treating our siblings, how we have grown and evolved, relationships, work, decisions and all of that. She is adorable and very calm. She calls me bullet laugh because of the way I cackle or laugh aloud. If you hear me laugh that will remind you of the motor. They say! I am glad that I am known for my laughter after my resting bitch face that also has baby face vibes to it.

Sending good vibes. Be sexy!


13 thoughts on “Turkish 26

  1. There’s a bit of Phantom of the Opera in the Dolunay track. Very nice!

    “I will cherish each moment of becoming the saucy, horny and quirky version of myself.”

    I shall cherish reading you becoming the saucy, horny and quirky version of yourself. πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

      1. if you dare to file a complaint at the horny board of mischief then I will surely pass the resolution to spank you my dear. I sit on top 🌝


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