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Saucy Twenties in April – My Book

You know I went on this independent publishing ride in the last six months and I really enjoy doing it. Kindle eBooks by me!

Well, this one which is the collection of 21 poems was published this week.

Available on Amazon Kindle & Paperback – here

I would really appreciate if you can let me know your feedback on the same.

Direct Link to Amazon

Saucy 💋

I’ve learned so much about publishing in the past couple of days when it comes to paperback publishing specifically. The Kindle one was up and running after the format I got done on Google docs. But when it came to Paperback I had to do all the formatting and keep the size of the page in mind on Microsoft Word. It was a really cherishing experience. I understood what “bleed”and “trim”. I understood about how important it is to design the cover properly when it came to Paperback. I needed a template but later used the feature inbuilt in the KDP.

Also, since a couple of months I’ve been seeing a ad popping on my Instagram which mentions that if one pays $23 as a registration fee for this prose poetry writing challenge then they would publish the 21 poems in a book.

Sounds a very appealing advertisement right? Even I scrolled through and found folks releasing their books. But I felt something might be shady here. I’ve been skipping my urge since then. Then I went into a rabbit hole of comments underneath their posts on their social media page. I found many comments that said that they aren’t professional and responsive. Even thou the challenge is finished the book hasn’t been published for over an year. So, it seems to be a tacky territory for any enthusiastic fellow who feels good to be an author and have dreamt of the same for years. W

While I was doing my research on them. I went on a consumer complaint forum online and found many complaints raised against them.

I DMed the participants who appeared in their comments section to understand more about how it all goes really and are they professional people. Most of them appeared to be in a waiting game forever and didn’t felt that their service was a promising one. Neither the challenge where one participated after shelling $23. Just be aware as many crazy things are happening in the online world. Remember, how we all felt that the pope was wearing a pumper jacket but in reality he did not and it was AI. Stay aware!

This is my birthday month and I am super excited as well.


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