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When I go down they call me Bonita

Hello! Happy to be around here. My happy place. I’ve been journaling more these days now after my evening ritual.

The man in the town with the stethoscope said “I love you” while laying in the bed and I reciprocated. He is very empathetic man and has many layers that really touched me on many levels. It helped me pull out my shadow side, it cherished me alot. My hairy body and all of that doesn’t matter to him. And on the days I was feeling under the weather he was very patient and wise around me. I am so grateful that our paths crossed. He might go somewhere or stay here and that would be decided in September as he starts his residency. When I kept the facts in front on how to go about it he was like – we will think of it when the place and everything is decided. I was like, if I don’t have an end date of when the long-distance ends then it is better to stop this right away.

I said the same and spent few hours here and there missing him and being a bit teary eyed. There so much understanding and vulnerability this guy oozes out and that is such a rare quality my goodness. I love that!

So, these are the things in the romance department along with mind blowing jobs I love showering. You know what I mean!

How have you been?

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