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2023 is magenta

Just read this Article recommend reading you the same.

New year has already began & I am quite excited for the year ahead. I’ve just painted my nails maroon kinda magenta as the colour of the year is the same. I am about to fin. the 30 days yoga journey. And I’ve also attended an online summit and a course. Woohoo! And now I am here to wave at you and I hope you’ve been doing great too.

In December, I saw first day first show of Avatar the way of water and my brother wants to see it again.

Now I am listening to grammy nominated albums and especially the new artists. Oscars nominations also got released and I am planning to watch all the movies until the ceremony day arrives. Yesterday I saw Blonde and it was too much to take.

Kennedy, oral sex and rocket launch. What can I say!? Just tossing an imagery at you.

I am taking it all slow and with enthusiasm this year. Let’s do this!

Sending lots of love.

3 thoughts on “2023 is magenta

  1. I have actually done that I realise, not intentionally, choices made as needed, but I can say that I would have been bored. My grandfather actually received the “gold watch’ for starting as an apprentice and finishing at retiring age, could not do that!

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