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Love you all!

Reflection time as usual –

The mistake I did this year and hopefully learned from as well was that I let my emotions get the best of me somehow. I allowed myself to feel so vulnerable and like a wounded bird that I had to make an effort to realise how capable I am and how much every action has a consequence. Body knows what’s right and what needs to go from your life. Emotions definitely impact health and it takes courage to learn from the scars. And keeping the lessons close and not let it fade away. Courageous self-talk and patience and doing things right and learning self-acceptance is what I learnt.

I felt like I was winning after the “nose-dive” phase was over. The showing up, feeling centered, doing work with integrity and expanding my business and personal life was definitely a win! Gaining strength! Grateful!

What I want to reconceptualize?

All the detours lead me to right direction. Looking at my shadowside and purging anything that no longer shall be a part of me was necessary for my journey ahead. Each curve is important! I’ve to learn and relearn that my self-worth shall be about me and my values and not everytime the work and relationships in my life. Although, all of them are very important to me.

I will be wishing for good things for the year ahead and sending lots of positive vibes to you my dearest.

Thanks so much for being you! Lots of love!

Sweet 🍒

Happy New Year!


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