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Enticed by her & balls

It was a beautiful day with a misty breeze touching her cheeks. She was heading to meet the man she has been thinking of meeting since she wished for someone like him. She just wanted to ride the tide and make some memories with gusto. She has been pouring in work for a while and now she gotta flex her other muscles too.

She met him and God was that guy appearing strange. She expected him to grab her by her waist and show her around and about his beautiful space.

He took it slow and she was just bewildered because she just wanted to cut to the chase.

This Doctor was the medicine she needed at that time. Romancing a Doctor is fun and totally recommend it. A compassionate kind human being. It is hot to sit near the man and touch his lips while his stethoscope is on your heartbeat. Lovely and beautiful feeling to have. He savoured the boobs estate with grace and she totally enjoyed it. Taking him in and enjoying the pleasure of giving.

She made her first move and enticed him.

I wrote about by wish in this blog post

Feeling so grateful to move at least an inch closer to the same.

Also, I’ve been doing vlogmas on YouTube. Last week did this~

Check out more and I hope you enjoy!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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