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Daddy Issues at the table

So, the Supreme court in India have made abortion legal. All women are entitled to safe and legal abortion. Married & Unmarried women unconstitutional. This decision made me so happy!

At the dining table tonight I spoke about how good this news is. My father segwayed and said that now there will be murders happening in the name of abortion at the side. And oh man! My blood boiled. And I mentioned that -“It is a very good decision and it is better to not die knowing that you don’t have right to decide for yourself and your body. That will give one a peaceful death at least. And married woman too have abortion FYI. And I am happy with the decision!” Period!

My mom have had ectopic pregnancy abortion that I came to know very late in life.

I like to stand for the things I believe in and I am up to go against the elderly who have dumb mind.

These things just give rise to how woman see men around. Some things are done right and somethings are left on the table for us to figure out. What things rings a bell for you and what you can take over and leave behind.

Somehow, not everyone is great either. But, it is important to notice how rebelliousness will pave the way forward. How women all around the world are gathering together or fighting a fight as a brave individual.

For the rights! To get the right! To have a right.


3 thoughts on “Daddy Issues at the table

  1. It is indeed a progressive decision by the Supreme Court of India. The only concern is its implementation. With the age old executives and lawmakers unwilling to change and progress with times, it is difficult to see it properly being implemented in the coming decade.

    But more power to you!


  2. My main issue here in the US was the hypocrisy of “my body, my choice”. It was conditional, as the same people who said it was their body and their choice, insisted that you take the jab.

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