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Ethereum merged

Ethereum was merged a while back and everyone was watching the build up to the moment for over a decade. I’ve been watching it right now with open eyes. Trying to consume the next layer of miracle which is blooming here onwards. That would make our lives easier. Easier to just be in without having a central power calling the shots all the time.

In this current ethereum system “Proof-of-stakes” would be the element that will differentiate itself from its pre-existstance era where Validators weren’t present at all.

The system is said to have become more secure to be in, now! If any con-ship happens and if the members in the system finds any mishap happening it would be the collective call of the members to throw that piece of shit out of the system. Sensor stuff! There will be this collective call that would be taken. And that’s what will help this system keep on going forward.

In this ethereum merge too your public key remains constant. It is needed. Your anonymous presence can be validated by your public key. This way you can work in the system for it.

The merge was also beneficial to the environment. Yay!

The way internet is underneath every where at the moment, at work, communications and everything we do at the moment, the developers hold the vision of making ethereum become the same. Where every app and site and payments can happen smoothly without any dumb mediator bodies.

Where there won’t be any taxes to be given to any centralized system just because we exist and we shopped online or we ate outside.

Recently, I got my metamask wallet. I am very excited to work with it if any moment comes up. Send me ETH over there charming folks.

In other news,

* I had a call with the co-founder of Vinci DAO and they host a cohort and they admit the candidate only if one gets their NFT which is for over $100. What is it? It is like founder membership NFT pass. They are building communities and there are many people out there getting into their batches. They have just stared with their BATCH 3. It is a practice based web3 community. The call was like a sales call cum get in pass!

* There are folks who are a big scam in web3 at the moment. Community managers and so on. They put out a request and don’t proceed further if sample flock of 20 people raise their hands up to help. Where they go!? Why do they ask? Does that exclaim NFTs have too many scams? Whatever I have heard so far I would say Yes too.

* There are too many Spanish, Portuguese folks involved is what I’ve witnessed so far. And oh yeah! Indians. Too many of Indians are omnipresent everywhere. Jeez!

* I haven’t gotten any token or coins yet. The system needs IMPS transaction at the moment that is supported by Coinbase. And I am lazy at the moment! I hope when it becomes a bit smoother landscape I will proceed.

* There is this word called “Mint”. When I completed a module the tutor states that you can mint your certificate by clicking the link and proceed with Matic through your Eth wallet. I didn’t do that. I was happy with a screenshot. I just minted the knowledge.

If you would like to join me on the newsletter ride. Here is the link,

Yes, I named it web3some. LMAO!

Let me know your thoughts sweethearts.

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