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rainbows & whoas!

on a voyage!

It was a moisty afternoon where a lady got things worked up with a guy in her town and she was unable to drop the horny flames, this season has sparked within her. It was dewy and balmy and all that she wanted was to be clicked & licked passionately under this sky.

Her conversation floated well and that guy spilled some tea about his past which she never asked for. But, she just threw herself in some steamy situation which was very quick. Like very quick. Within a week and their second meeting, he was banged and she was truly licked. All those feelings she wanted were received. She was comfortable and relaxed and her juices were flowing through her bush.

She didn’t trimmed but he went down on her and just ate her up like there is no other day and he just wants everything in its raw existance. All inhibitions were tossed off and famished thirsty bodies were banged on.

The Lord pendant he wore swinged in between her boobs. She joked about it and oh la la there was this playful vibe. Playfulness and spontaneity is what keeps her hooked up through. No worries, no judgements!

She loved watching her side boobs in the mirror. Her hairs cascaded and he was worshipping her through and through.

Her moans were so close and he stayed closed enough to here them through. He was teasing her tasting her back and she was clutching the sheets.

When a guy manages to have a den the lioness in her heat will follow his beat showing off her tits.

While wrapping the session and walking pass through she was drenched in rain and universe said hello with that phenomenal rainbow.

She was listening to her nature’s call and this time she was hungry to get dicked and licked down.

Was she frisky!? Absolutely!

She was in a state of euphoria for the whole next day. The gods were happy about her passionate indulgences and hence smiled with a rainbow.

(note to her: be responsible the way you are. If his erection goes off just because you said “using condoms” then you state that you won’t let him in without it. You are good! Stick to it. Until then lick and flick)

Q3 of the year

Guess who is obsessed with erotic art? Me! What a wonderful time. Whoa!

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