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Dailies – Through the day

My day becomes wonderful when I have all my favorite products around me staring at me. I am very much into self-care products and many of them get into my “necessity” category all the time. As I set budget and nowadays try to categorize my “necessities” & “wants” I always prioritize the earlier category. As inflation is soaring up in the sky making me squirm here on Earth I gotta maintain a sense where I don’t allow myself to go all in and purchase out of my sensibilities. For ex: I loved that classy eyeshadow palette but I ain’t buying it because I don’t wear makeup daily and that’s not my necessity.

Lately, sustainability, minimalism and everything in between is getting my attention. But during lunchtimes I catch up in a video where the hosts recommends me high-end purses & bags. Prada, Gucci and all of that. The hosts needles through the minutes all the points I need to understand to have a collection of bags around to keep whatever the hell I want.

I thought logging off of Instagram would not make me go on the look out loop of products and stuff. But, I do browse through! Just to know what is going on in the brand world. I love that sphere.

I got to know that there are more than 10 Eco-friendly lines there and all of them are kinda in the mid way.

Well, coming back to the tubes which woo me and keep me sorted all day through are,

Mosquito repellent cream- So, as of now there is no Mosquito choir I have near my ears. I do use the mosquito vaporizer machine in my room. The brand have also launched incense sticks of repellent. The cream is something I apply every night just to be safe y’know. Less than $1!

Sensodyne Toothpaste- This sweetheart doesn’t have SLS in it and I love it. If one gets mouth ulcers from other toothpaste variants then lookout for the one which doesn’t include SLS. It would at least help the canker sores heal quicker and the brand is great too. Around $3!

Epigen cream- It contains paraben but while I was makin’ visits to the dermatologist a few months back he recommended me this cream that is so good. It retails for around $2 and I love the way it glides over the skin. I repurchased it right away!

the trio!

These are also the heroes that show up for me throughout the day along with my body care & skin care sweethearts.

These are essentials that makes me feel secure.

Is there anything in your routine that happens to be your necessity? Like a perfume, oil, coffee or just a shower gel? Let me know!


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