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Sculpting is an art. It just feels like meditation whilst we create the shapes and mould them the way we feel right. In the beginning, our hands just feel joyous in the moisty wet clay that’s just tight & right to form an idol. As it is Ganesh Festival here I made the sculpture. The mud is eco-friendly and won’t disrupt the environment the way plaster-made sculptures do.

The clay I used is called “Shadu Mati” and the tutor I learned from asked me to make different amorous shapes of it first before I turned them all into hands and feet of the idol I am gonna pray for 10 days.

The process is very therapeutic and the hard cylindrical shapes just woo my senses. But here I was making the Lord Ganesha.

We sat on the ground and took the giant ball of the clay to proceed.

The tutor asked us all to get a handful of clay and make a conical shape out of it. Then made the base for the idol to sit on. It is like making a slice of bread and creating perfect edges. Later, banged one ball of the clay over it followed by another. I was banging and pasting the balls, cones and different shapes onto each other. Like a slam-bam game! Then made ears, bracelets and crown. As the deity we will be praying to for the next 10 days has an elephant-like face hence I made the same. Very cute!

While it was all WIP it started drizzling and hence we got up and took the WIP idol to another place.

There were kids around staring while squatting down. Downloading the techniques!

I completed this moisty thing within an hour. Love some quickie moisty things!

As human beings, it is totally up to us how and where we find some moisty joy and mould it into something great and worship-worthy.

Simple & Cutie!
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