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I launched my professional website!

Homies! I’ve launched my professional website a day ago. Yay! I am so happy. It feels really good and everything else in life has been clicking well too.

So, I built the website on Zyro. It is a website builder that gives off great templates and stuff like that and is by Hostinger. I got the package for around 4000 INR. The process was very easy. They also have AI tools inbuilt in the system and somehow helped me to brainstorm the way through.

I also will be getting the Hostinger WordPress Package too someday.

I completed the first half phase of creating the website at 2am. And finally got it all done to release the very next day after some more completions on the way. Done done done!

What I did was to get the content and pictures I was gonna use ready way early. So, the pre-stage of the making was kinda sorted. Hence, I was able to get the ball rolling quickly.

It feels good that I was able to make it by myself w/o getting any web designer on board or anything like that.

Plugged in the earphones and was tuning with Ghibli Piano Playlist. Feels surreal!

I was a bit on and off for at least a year thinking which hosting playform to choose. WordPress along with Hostinger, BlueHost, etc? But eventually when I got to know of this new website builder by Hostinger i.e Zyro I was like, well let’s go with this new charm in town. And I’ve put in to much thinking and I am very much showing off that planner side of mine now.

Notion and Google Sheets and calendar are my favorites to get things done and what to put on hold.

It feels good when we fund our dreams and our passions and it showers its abundance right back to us all.


Happy Lady!

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