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views from the balcony

Vegetable guy/ Vegetable Hawker

So, there are lots of veggie guys going on the rounds everyday. They yell aloud “Want to have vegetables?!! Coriander, potatoes, tomatoes, cabbage, etc” this is of course the translated version. They say it aloud in Marathi language. Those who want to restock the veggies ask them the prices and negotiate before purchasing. It is an everyday affair!

As inflation is soaring high. I’ve seen the veggies price go up.

Newspaper man on the bike

I don’t read offline Newspaper. But for those who do in my gully (lane) get their dailies every day in the morning. This guy folds the newsie and throws in the balcony. Everyday!

The other man in pink is on his morning walk.

School students and waiting game

Just a flock of teenage mutants waiting for someone to arrive. On their cycles!

Rainy evening!

It was all wet and humid that day. This guy along with his kid was cycling around and get has that yellow balloon in his hand too.

Umbrella & raincoat

Kids getting back from school. Yay!

How’s the scene outside your house dearest?


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