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Kids waving at me

I live in a locality which is very serene and bustling at the same time. I can see different vehicles passing by from my balcony and from another balcony I see my home street. The kids wave at me all the time whenever I appear in the balcony or while they are playing in the evening or just arriving from their school. I smile, they smile. Then they wave!

It makes me feel so happy. It is like my small little pleasure I get from the community I am surrounded with. I don’t know each of their names either. But the smiles are so peaceful. With their milk teeth fallen and in the school uniform they make it a thing to smile at me. While I am sipping tea, scrolling through my phone or listening to some music. Always!

I was working until 10 pm yesterday. And while I had a bit chaotic morning the sweet kid was awaiting for the school bus and she waved.

Kids are so sweet. And other thing is that yesterday I was working on an article which was about parenting.

Of course parenting can be difficult sometimes.

But those lovely dovey eyes. My goodness!

Do you have kids around who wave at you?

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