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over the allergy

June started with me nursing the furuncle that was so fucking painful jeez. I just was feeling feverish hence got the online consultation and the furuncle got bursted after a day and a whitish drip came out of it. But it was a release it was looking out for at that time. I was on antibiotics and applying ointment. It got done and dusted and the furuncle was gone. But one day while I was cleaning it up and letting the pus out blood started coming and I could see a scoop of skin concaved and I was so scared to see the blood. I was really scared. I was holding my mom’s hand and calming down and my health anxiety went through the roof that day. Which directed me to read and learn more about this thing about me. I just can’t allow worry to take over. Then it all calmed down.

Later, I got a rash right beside the furuncle and went to a Dr. IRL and he gave me meds for me same. I was on to another dose course. Later, I got full body hives like rash and there I went again to take his views and he asked me to do certain tests.

I did blood, urine and stool tests as I was letting out black stool in the beginning of the month. That’s why! The tests showed that I have had stomach infection.

The hives like rash are all gone and everything is alright now.

I am completing a med dose course very soon just to make sure that everything is sorted.

I feel good right now and I am happy that I acted on this like a responsible adult should. I feel so good! In the last few weeks I also got to know how important wellbeing is and how important financial wellbeing is too. The incident with Justin Beiber intesified the whole factual truth we all face day in and day out. Health is everything! And to be alive today is a blessing.

I also got to know how important it is to set strong boundaries. Being unavailable due to this for a certain period helped me to declutter some folks out of my life. Either they are blocked or ignored. Will share about that some other day.

I hope you have a great week ahead darlings.

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