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Brittany got married guys! She was looking gorgeous and Selena, Medona, Drew and everyone crash-landed at her wedding. The pictures are right out fairytale. My first Brittany album I ever listened to was Femme Fatale. I am glad she is outta that trap and living her dream now. I admire how candid and journal like her insta-captions are like and oh my God! Brit and Madonna kissed. IYKYK! The Versace gown was mind blowing and beautiful! Here she begins with her next bright chapter! Woohoo! Good talks roaming around and everyone definitely enjoyed!

I am just waiting for a nice lovely album from Brittany Spears. Coz’ mama I am in love with a criminal!

Justin Bieber was diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome and cancelled the tour. Let us send our prayers to him so that he can recover soon. Many people who got the tickets for his concert are freaking out. I mean he is an artist and one shall not be so much mean. There is a reason the show got cancelled. And he is a human! I hope he heals very soon.

Time is so revealing and no one knows what it will bring with it.

A few months back his wife Hailey was admitted for a blood clot and now she is fine. I hope the couple stays strong in all of this.

It is so hard for the young couple to face life and that too on the public level.

Let there be healing!

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