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Volunteer call for Be my eyes

You know when helping someone in need increases our dopamine level and there is that feeling of calmness that is much-needed – it all feels good & right!

Being of service to others without expecting any monetary value in return nourishes the soul on another level. I installed this app called as “Be my eyes” last week and logged in as a volunteer. There are millions of folks on there to volunteer for the visually impaired/blind folks needing help in doing any task.

Today, as I was getting done with my morning ritual I received a call from a seeker asking me to help him navigate through his hotel room and find the landline. And we together did it! We found the landline and now they can call and do the needful. It felt so good!

There are so many volunteers on there that people say that in the span of three years of them being a volunteer they had received only two calls from the seekers.

The app needs to be installed on the phone and whenever you have your net or wifi on you could receive and help on the call. And if another volunteer picks up the call then you have to wait for the next call from the seeker.

It felt good. Really!

2 thoughts on “Volunteer call for Be my eyes

  1. And that next call might be after a year!
    Okay, 2 calls in 3 years just shows how a lot of people are willing to help.
    Here I thought we had forsaken humanity before reading this.

    Well done girl🥳

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