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Come & Do our work!

There is a co-working space in my city and they reached out to me for my services. They wanna create their online presence and start an agency as well. So, two projects were offered to me!

I asked the owner to let me know the budget. Like, I won’t move for you if you don’t want to pay and you have no idea what Budget you have at all. Like c’mon you are starting to build a professional social online website for both your ideas and you have no idea what Budget you gotta role.

Are you living under a illusion of me doing it for free? When I mentioned prior about how I would be charging $$ amount still you are like no we can’t afford that but pls work for us.

What I’ve learned in my professional career so far is that it is better to have a contract and have all the discussed deliverables on it. Deadline and an outline! Everything needs to be there along with payment details.

I totally said no! Weed out such folks even thou’ they sound friendly and all that jazz. To bring in value based service you gotta spend some dimes. That’s it!

I am proud of myself to reach at this point where I can say “no”! And only work with people who know what they plan to achieve and what $$ are they ready to invest.

That owner told me that they wanna live a mark and I may like that is all fine but you need to pay me to avail of my services.

Another thing is that they wanted me to be there face to face and work with them and hey! You can talk over a zoom call and we can get started right away if you want. In the beginning, I did visited their place and I was like this would have been discussed over a call or some modern era technology. Do I have any appeal of sitting in those lousy thick chair and AC? No!

They messaged me this morning to visit their place and start working because they wanna go live this week. And I was like, tell me what price you are ready to get me service for?

I really hope that they get a suitable person who can help them and work with them the way they want. They don’t have any structure so that is a given. But, I hope someone is ready to run that tide.

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