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Adulting Stories #1

Budgeting helps! Looking forward and thinking about my upcoming expenses have helped me a lot in the recent past. Adulting is all about understanding that things might go downhill even though’ you did everything right.

I had to get on meds last week to treat the furuncle which made its appearance on my neck and hence I went to the dermatologist to get meds against it. I waited and tolerated the pain and decided to use the resources I had in hand and get an online consultation because I didn’t want to spend time in commute and overall spend that amount of money overall.

The online appointment works pretty fine and clicked the pictures and had a call. Dr. Reddy told me not to worry and gave me few meds. The meds start working and now there is a relief and the boil is gone and it is all healing. Grateful!

As I’ve been working from home I was able to treat myself and take care of myself very well.

As of now, I am just patting my back for not spending money on other stuff. I am really particular on what and how I am spending my resources and it helps definitely on a rainy day.

I was wondering that even though I did my cardio regimen well and my daily routine has been great and now this. Something on my neck which was not surfacing low and making me feel like there is cement plaster right on my neck there. My elderly were like put on a tape on it and I was like 100% no I Ain’t gonna do that and seek help from experts. Elderly in the house sometimes act and advise extremely shitty things. That is also a part of adulthood where you learn discernment and don’t follow whatever bullshit they say. They aren’t right always. They can be dumb very often.

Asserting my dominance in a way and taking care of myself has given me a sense of empowerment.

Adulting is all about channelling the accountant and streamlining the resources available.

I am very proud of myself and really really happy that I’ve come this far and I am able to take care of myself.

What I’ve noticed in the last few days is that things are becoming really expensive these days.

How have you been saving for a rainy day?

Recently, Dr. Taylor Swift gave a speech at NYU where she gives life hacks and I would like to share the video with you.

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