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Heart over head at this moment

I had a cathartic experience this month where I was called to choose what my heart needs at the moment. Where does it feel happy and is it ready to give up the happiness at this current moment. I went through so many deep thinking process where I was just not willing to give up or go afar from love and relationship and all that is beyond the beyond, here!

I was offered a job opportunity and I rejected the offer as I already have by business going and I have fallen in love here and I want to focus on emotional security at the moment as well. I don’t want to give up on that feeling that just feels right to savour and rejoice and take it all in without getting distract by the calling.

I decided to wait and smell the roses on thiw junction and get on the train later which will bring more stable and great opportunity and at that moment I will be ready. To balance and to witness the wonderful and cheerful life with my loved ones.

Last few years has taught us not only to become financially secure but also find what feels good and not kick it away so easily.

We can fix it and save it! We just gotta show willingness. And if at this moment the heart and mind nods yes then why not dare to listen to it this time as well.

May has been great so far and I am really happy and grateful to find myself where I am now.

Love you guys!

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