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Oh so! You never worked full-time?

I gave an interview today for a remote work that is a full-time job position. As a professional freelancer since last few years telling them that I work on contract basis and there is no year long haul going on. It is not freelance gigs but it is like really owning a business. But they were looking for someone now who had full time experience in a corporate vicinity.

In my past, I was able to handle the corporate micromanaging bullshit for a month or so.

She applaused for my unconventional career path and for my communication skills but my lack of corporate experience didn’t made her tick. Somewhere in my mind I do feel that lacking for sure but I feel a bliss that I didn’t had to tolerate those freaky management and tax my mental health.

Of course I am at a better stage and I just wanted to be the way I am working for them. Now I am just waiting on their revert and skimming through online forums and YouTube videos of people who have left their corporate jobs and quited high paying salaries.

But when these people ask for full-time work stuff significantly freelancing with a client is like being on my toes 24/7 and it is more than full-time ass work. Literally!

I’ve grown so much independent in that way and have coped up with the famine and feast stage. It feels liberating! I feel like being my own boss and I won’t trade that feeling for a corporate experience.

But do some parameters change?! Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. Do they affect us? Not at all.

So, just an experience!

Anyways, what has been your experience with workplace culture? Did you switch your jobs or maybe expanded your business?

This blog has seen me grow in the first half of my twenties and I am fucking proud of this. Yay!

As I am wading through life it feels like a huge milestone and now I want to cry.

2 thoughts on “Oh so! You never worked full-time?

  1. I’ve worked full time in the past but now as a freelancer for a company, leaving me plenty of room to explore. It’s another tale that I’ve been slacking. Oh! Man! I hate this dumb question of not working full time aha. I’s prefer work from home, read freelancing any day.

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