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Try to take it easy & make a fuss

Yes, this lady here will be considering telling you about the relationships she is tickling and discovering. Anyways, when I met that guy I mentioned in a previous post let’s name him “D” is very much like an initiator and conveyor of his thoughts alright. When I tried to take it all easy everything happened so pretty well but I was wondering why something isn’t messing up or going the other way round. And it happened!? Right there!? This guy asked me “Am I with my boyfriend?” and I was like hey man! I made things clear and there ain’t anybody. He was like things can change post our meeting. I kept my truth and I was confused whether his situation changed or did he messed up or is he seeing someone else even he said to me he didn’t. Is he messing up?

Why haven’t he arranged a date? Why he acts this way?

My mind keeps rolling above and beyond and I sense that the junction to get down of this train is near. And I am pretty much pro at this drill!

The thing happening right now in the world is that most men even in the late adulthood are trying to get employed or set up their business. Things are changing and I am understanding their perspective. They want to give you a booty call and still doesn’t know how to take things forward. When a hot-headed women can’t tolerate their way of unknowing and end up asking for the reasons this changes the whole dynamic and to be honest that’s the end of that situationships. A self-assured man most of the time isn’t keeping himself away from commitment. I’ve met men who said that they wanted a relationship and ended up telling me that they are inclined towards a not-a-relationship scenario all of a sudden.

Doesn’t matter if you take it easy or seriously. Men can give you all the false cues as well.

The other thing I’ve seen common is that men wants to go to cosmopolitan towns and be there even they have remote jobs. I totally understand that they want to grow but everyone is getting there for all the wrong reasons too.

They fancy those towns and end up being lost in their own city.

Under the same sky a girl from the small town throws good gestures and they all throw their attention to cosmo cities. Going there doesn’t have any work-situation like purpose but just to fall into a status bracket they don’t even remove big-town names from their social media bio. while they are sitting in their vests in not-really-so-small town.

Sometimes you know things are gonna get messy but you just delay the point of disaster by taking it easy.

Whatever is built on the wrong foundation deserves its inevitable fall.

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