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I am feeling so high, so high! Holi 2022

Guys! Finally got to go out and play Holi wholeheartedly and I am feeling a deep sense of gratitude. Today I didn’t crave that romantic smearing of Holi colour but I was ready to go out and just get along with kids in my colony. Kids are the best people to play Holi with. They don’t stop and there are energetic and I like that. I stood in front of them and I simply enjoyed getting smeared and wet all over and feeling joyous. I celebrated Holi after one year of gap y’know.

We played music and danced around. Had some snack time too. It was all fabulous!

My family is not very much into Holi as much as I am.

My mother says while I was in her womb and before the final trimester she played Holi and enjoyed it a lot, laughed and played a lot! And whenever I go all freaky as the season arrives my mother tells me that story. Holi is fun!

Kids were throwing colours and water and I was their Target and I loved being the one. Felt amazing! It was like getting coloured like this was my aim of going out.

I man I was seeing doesn’t know how to take things forward guys and again I am like bye! That’s a mood!

After getting back home had a shower and tried to remove all the colour on my face and here and there. The colour sets a route through my cleavage. Anyways, I had fun!

Have a colourful time everyone!

Holi! Blessed!!

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