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It flows freely

Everything about that day was magical to me. Everything. Two repeated in the dates and I was out there in his arms feeling adored and flowy. After a while of dating men, this was the first-ever time where I was feeling like at least this time the wheels aren’t in my hands and he is capable of asking and thinking of meeting again. That nudge and caring nature of him swept me off my feet completely.

Due to some or other reasons our meeting kept on postponing we banged each other and damn we just couldn’t stop. It was like we were flowing in a synchronized rhythm and it was long. Very long! And unforgettable. We knew no bounds at that point.

Being on top became my instant favorite and he adores that very much. He is very gentle! And I feel good in his home.

We are on the same page. I felt high for the next two days after meeting him. Very high! It feels so smooth to take it all in. I haven’t felt so at ease with anyone. And I am grateful that our paths crossed finally.

Sometimes, you have to realize that falling in love shouldn’t be a game of wait and on-offships. Rather, it should just go on pretty much well right from the start. If your directness gets the airy nod from other party it ignites the fire and nobody can stop these two souls from smashing with each other.

It is better to get along with someone who isn’t afraid to live and choosing love makes one feel extra alive.

By rulebook or the people may say that getting intimate might be wrong on the very first meeting. But there are no rules? If it feels and if one realizes that one has met such a gutsy man after a long time why not melt in his arms once and for all.

It feels right. Just feels right to be on top of him. Just feels right!

I was soaked in that feeling and I feel delicious.

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