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Hug Day & Kiss Day 2022: What I wanted

Come here sweetheart!

Where is the hug? I simply wanted a hug. A simple present before things start to escalate quickly. Where is the basic right of mine? To hug someone and to have someone to hug. So, now as always I am hugging the pillow between my knees now.

Wherever my man right now needs to know that there is a lady on this Earth waiting to get hugged and loved and cared for. Hug and spank on those bubbly chicks of mine. Let me be your favorite escapism.

Combining Hug Day along with Kiss day I am allowing you to proceed further and find your way to escalate things quickly because I am in a very dire need to do so and experience the same. Enjoy me like a buffet you princed ass of Downing street.

After the highs and lows in our lives. Can’t you choose me to be your lifestime hugger and kisser and all those good things. Quarter of century we have spent with our respective pillows but haven’t you thought of me? At least tonight?!

Love you!

(this is just where I ramble)

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