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Promise Day 2022 : What I wanted

I am only receiving Valentine’s Week messages from the brands who are promising me that the Cupid has struck my shopping cart. So, happy my shopping cart is you guys! Anyways, the Cupid is kinda lost and wants my money to bang with my cart everywhere I go. I don’t know what it means anymore to have Cupid’s attention. That guy I mentioned earlier haven’t promised me to talk with me everyday. So, there’s that because he States it is casual stuff. So, Cupid is just watching and looking at me and trying to satisfy me by giving me discounts and love while I shop and obsess over retail therapy and choose shopping over him and fuck my credit cards. At least they are mine! The score is mine!! Cupid feels organically stupid witnessing the reality. The bar of promises has fallen down below the average because I made such choices because of my horniness over emotional wants and cuteness and love and hugs and cuddles and texts and care and all that jazz.

I don’t even know what it means anymore and what “it” is. Clueless promises! Not acknowledged attachments. Whatever Love Guru’s I have followed and listened to went out of the window and I promised myself to screw it all over again. Because, it is default way of living life. Let’s do life that way.

Finally, this promise day I wanted him to go all groovy and sweet and throw some phenomenal amazing choice of words and melt me with all of it. With each dots and commas I will exclaim!

Cupid loves what?

My promises in the air,

Man! I promise you that I will use your Credit Cards.

Man! I promise that I will leave my hair strands everywhere.

Man! I will promise I will be that lazy girl.

Man!! I promise that I will show you my assets everyday.

Man! I promise that I will be very cheesy and clingy.

Man! I promise that I will get angry so we can have steamy sex.

Man! I promise that to celebrate our love extra 20% boob-wide!


5 thoughts on “Promise Day 2022 : What I wanted

  1. haha that horniness can be crazy for singles. I enjoy reading this post and makes for such a breezy read. Yeah, shoppers delight and I’m getting a blender this time since they offering 500 bucks discount matlab was planning to buy it, anyhow:)

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