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Teddy Day 2022: What I wanted

Ted the teddy the touch

Those soft toys to win my heart? Where are they? Why ain’t you following the protocol of Valentine’s week my darling. You have one lady who loves celebrating days and weeks and what not. And here! You are the one who doesn’t give a flying fuck about throwing some teddy bears at me. Instead, you want me to see you as my teddy bear.

Okay! So, you are my teddy bear! Caving in my titty-cave every now and then. Now who’s having all the fun? My comfort corner and my meditation pillow for the eternity. Your arms are my forever bliss.

This worry-head lady needs a calm-stone such as you. Your arms and the way you hold my hands are so nerve-calming. Thank you for existing you creature wherever you are right now.

Basically, I want a man with whom I can talk work & a man who can also make me forget about work and to-do lists. I don’t know life without it!

So, teddy guy show me the way.

So, I wanted a teddy this Valentine’s week and whoever my man is haven’t yet purchased it.

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