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Lost opportunities while taking care

Within last few days I have been taking care of household chores resulting in me not able to give 100% to my work. Meaning, not able to revert ASAP. Not able to lock-in the clients.

Taking care of my mother who wasn’t feeling well and taking care of everything and everyone impacted me. My father refuses to take meds. So, that’s another story! Being a business owner & sometimes not able to give it 100% makes me angry. Because, above all I like working very very much.

Helping others and taking care of people around me is important for me too.

The problem & anger begins right when the patient refuses to complete the course of the meds and refuses everything that has been told. So! That’s exactly the moment which leaves me with boiling anger. C’mon for you I am subtracting my work hours and I am thinking of you. Running the chores and stuff. As a person who isn’t feeling well your job is to recover fast, listen to doctor.

Everyone doesn’t want to fall ill. It is not a choice. But it is what you do later. The next best step.

I was feeling under the weather too and took meds and bounced back and took care of those in need around.

For mother, took an online consultation and made sure that I do everything in my capacity to make her recovery fast.

I am happy to help her in need.

But I hate loosing out on opportunities. I know it is okay too. That in those moments I helped my mother. But when she refused to take the meds.. I got this pang of anger flowing furiously through my veins.

Hence, now I have decided to think about me over everybody else. My career and my work and my legacy shall be my priority and shall come first.

I need to learn to detach myself from domestic life.

But anyways, my mom feels proud of me. So, there’s that! That I am an adult and can make moves and do my best. So, that feeling is undeniably good and amazing.

I guess this is what adulting is all about. And I am happy to see myself in this position and really grateful & proud.

2 thoughts on “Lost opportunities while taking care

  1. You are a responsible adult and life does things to me. I do the same to mom at times when it comes to her venturing out and waiting with sanitizer outside. Hope your parents are ok now and take care of yourself too. It’s important. Running a business is never easy. I am planning to break into the writing freelancing jungle soon but except my laziness in sorting out my websites.

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