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Propose Day 2022: What I wanted

Just adulting! Blossoming into a confident lady. Taking care of everyone in need. Taking care of my mom, father and brother. Going above & beyond in every way possible. Making them feel proud of me even more. I am happy and thankful! Let the world heal.

You are mine!

I would like a man to genuinely propose to me. I would be honoured to be his spank-doll for the rest of my life. Him pulling me close inch by inch & again blessing me with intimate joys.

Today he proposes me while we were looking into each other’s eyes while finding ourselves in those fabulous thrusts & magic.

I feel like I am living a dream. What on Earth this man blurted? He wants me!? Like totally? He had guts to finally say that.

I am blessed!

I want him to be with me. In my highs and lows. While I make $$$ and lock my favorite deal & in stressful situations I want him to be by my side. As much as I am for him!

I can trust the process. If thinking these little things makes me feel happy, so be it!

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