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Rose Day 2022 What I wanted

Always gets me!

He invites me over. Gives a lazy stretch. Seduced me with his eyes and tongue. Kept kissing my neck. Blindfolded me & was onto his next mission which was not escapable at all. His voice playing tactics with my mind. That was simply enough to make me squirm and feel that fire leveraging.

He kisses me and our tongue meet each other to devour the space. I forget all the moments that make me worry. I am feeling totally safe in his arms. I completely trust him. Because, he never skips a day without talking to me and getting to know what’s going on in my mind. He is always there as much as I am for him.

He dips in that strawberry into that chocolate and we both adore the flavours together. Melting into the Dreamworld!

He opens up my blindfold and what I see in front of me is the bed full of rose petals. Oh! So, that’s why he was holding my hands and was taking me dancing through. Clever!


His confident demeanor and my dominant habits go together so damn well.

It is a rose day on this mushy softlacious bed for both of us.

Such a romantic day in his arms.

Happy Rose Day y’all!

Love you!!

5 thoughts on “Rose Day 2022 What I wanted

  1. This is so sweet! I recieved roses too yesterday. I was surprised as i had never experienced this before. I was so overwhelmed by those roses that I almost cried when I got them. It was beautiful bouquet of different colours.
    I am lucky to have him.
    Don’t forget to go through my articles as well and drop in your valuable feedbacks.

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