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The First Wave : Documentary

This afternoon, I noticed that NatGeo will be having this documentary about the First Wave live for 48 hours on their website. I couldn’t stop myself from streaming it. It is an Oscar-nominated Documentary. “The First Wave” is directed by Matthew Heineman.

I spent the first 30- minutes bawling. I just couldn’t stop my tears at all. Those flashbacks of the terrifying reality we all lived. Omg! It is a documentary on those 4 months of 2020 in NYC. The epicentre at that time.

So many stories! So many names! It took me hours today to get back myself together. Otherwise, I was feeling so emotional. It was like a journey. A journey of a community together. It was so much! We have moved on from that point now but still, it hurts. I feel so grateful. I feel so emotional seeing this documentary. I feel a sense of purpose. I just hope that everyone gets healed.

Nurses running, patients on vents, physiotherapist helping the patients, mom looking after their her kids, zoom calls, zoom birthdays, clapping for the Frontline workers, applauding the humanity, babies meeting their mom, nurses telling patient’s relatives that they have passed away, bodies cremated, Andrew Cuomo’s press, patients recovering, going home, taking one day at a time.

This documentary covers it all. It hits hard!

Here is the trailer

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