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memberships: a rant

They all need money. They will curate something and people will fall for it. On earth right now nothing seems to be free or anything. You have to pay for everything. And after a certain point it just becomes ridiculous. Okay! I know they too need to fill their tummy. I know! I know! This is just a rant. I especially love the positioning of these brands. If you scroll on YouTube you’ll find lots of videos around any topic under the sky. Some curated memberships “women oriented” are cool and all. But! The membership goes for 5000 INR. Okay! I have no idea what 1:1 sessions look like with them and all. But what a crap! And all these brands aren’t targeting your fear anymore. Okay! They are Targeting you. Their new mantra says “invest in yourself” woohoo!

One thing I have also noticed is that in upcoming years one will curate fucking everything under the sky. You want to speak to me? Become a member! You want to have the feeling of community? Become a member with us! Decorate it! Create a pretty feed. Bring women on video call and make them paint things and show via zoom call under the name of recreational activities. That lady would have done it on her own anyways! Like, seriously!

If you really look into it you can literally find something which soothes your soul whenever you are tired. Away from camera! Away from everything!! Just you and your paint brushes! Curl up with the book maybe and why a book club shall fucking pressurize you ALL THE TIME!

Few months back I jumped on a wish list of this membership club okay. Women only! Business stuff. Okay! They called me eventually and what a bullshit!

Why shall I pay for a LinkedIn+Master class+Instagram like network again in an APP.

I am happy thou’ that this initiative might help someone.

But what I am talking about is how everything is under – CAPITALISM. You want a professional advice? Give money! (Okay, I do this too) You Don’t want ads in between get our membership. Pls!

And during the hectic schedule does one get time to listen to more “gyaan”

Do I feel that I have all the tools in venturing ahead? No! But do I need to pay for starting from the scratch. No! You have to reach half way so that a right mentor can teach you to go further. And literally! A right mentor can be found in both paid and unpaid ways. A stranger on the internet or that podcast will save your dimes. Like really!

So, all my lovelies! Take it one day at a time. And the fact is not all women support women. Alright!

Rant over!

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