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Won’t drown in a puddle to become a casualty

Reminding myself while I give myself a few reality checks. Reality checks of not thinking with heart in this matter even it comes trembling down. If you don’t catch it while it is rallying down it’s gonna break into pieces. Knowing that you just can’t fall in love with a man who wants casual. Catch it before you start burning for him! But you know what? It is better to show or let the love out rather than keep it in. If one can do it in an optimized way.

How much talking is too much. What is the boundary!? How much care is too much? Are we meeting anytime soon? What this is supposed to mean? What the fuck are we doing? Are we gonna see each other in 3rd wave of pandemic? How and when? Until when this is gonna last?

As of now I am not interested in going out and introducing myself to different breed of idiots. During this another wave I just can’t afford to go out with someone I don’t know anything about. And even it is all casual at the moment it is what I want and I am okay with it at the moment. I don’t want more! So, that’s a sorted thing! Because, in more I need to religiously meet and that might take away my freedom to hustle and focus on my work. Sometimes, meeting and hanging out just doesn’t fits in my schedule. You know!

Because, this girl need to finish her work, wrap up other stuff and have some good reading time scheduled for herself. She is happy on her own anyways and doesn’t want to get bothered or pressurized. Enjoying herself a bit too much. A pretty self-indulgent!

I know it is all sweeet-cute-sweet to meet every week or too many times. But listen who will work!? Who will have a rest? Who will yawn in bed? That’s pretty important.

As a girl in her late twenties I don’t even meet my friends so many times. You know! And one can really meet a boyfriend so many times. But you should know when to take a break so that you won’t drown in a puddle and become a casualty. Lol! Your heart won’t bet drown into a sinkhole.

Because the heart will fall! That’s its job! It is our mind’s duty to catch it before it slips off and breaks. Break it on another level maybe.

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