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Website server & confusion

Getting a domain name for my business will be a great step forward. I want April’s version to level up now and take things on official website and make the past April proud. Some reviews mention that bluehost won’t work well. While it does depends on customization and optimization and all those -zations.

So, I have been thinking of starting an official website for my business which could also act as portfolio. I also want to open a pandemic related kiosk on there via which I can help people. As we know the pandemic is still there.

But pretty confused regarding which hosting service shall I grab. An Indian server or US one.

I just want things to be right and running on the website. I don’t want it to crash. Reaching potential clients! Pls. Good ones! and act as a slight drop in my portfolio trunk. I just want to represent me beyond me. If you know what I mean.

And I don’t want to ask a web developer to do anything for me. I just wanna do everything by myself. Shall I go with Bluehost WordPress or GoDaddy. I have been thinking and pondering. If you know me I tend to over think a lot.

So, as of now, I am getting some good pictures clicked. Just average one! But they look super. It has me in it, obviously!

I just want it to be basic and sweet and professional. That’s the keyword of the year: professional!

I hope I get things sorted and go with one hosting and get started within this Q1 of 2022.


2 thoughts on “Website server & confusion

  1. I got two domain names registered with Go Daddy where one of them has disappeared after hitting published. I need to sort it out with them still while making it myself. Try to weigh in different options but blue host is complete crap, as in their email is. WordPress seems quite costly.

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