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outta the sight, outta the mind

If they won’t see the story, they won’t send me firey reaction emojis. Romance or love of any kind is easy when your lover puts up a story and you initiate a conversation sending love emojis and what not. Your lovers remember you suddenly after a dry-run of no communication. Why? Because, you have put up your selfie or whatever and they just want to react and come up in your chat messages. So that the mind will keep overthinking! And then they will say somethings and you find yourself right where you ended things on. Ghosting sometimes can be okay! If needed! Not recommending that! When you know the answers to the questions you’ve asked.

Very well!

I am documenting my experience. And being off social media feels liberating! I have deleted my personal account completely. I have only one account which is alive and that one I have kept just because people might find some fun and important stuff on there. So! But I have bid adieu to all of it. I am never going back.

Now, it is very difficult for lots of people to know the breaking news and all that stuff. But I am talking from relationship point of view here, okay!

I would be very much willing to see how my potential lovers perceive me as a human without social media.

I can’t believe that I did this. I deleted social media. I just can’t believe that I did it. But I have! And I am very proud of myself.

Now if anyone wants to date me or make out with me or do whatever, they really need to be good at talking and getting to know me by asking questions. Doesn’t matter how silly the questions are. I don’t want social media to have hold on the narrative at all.

This is the journey of a girl who used to ask her parents to share their desktop so she could scroll through the Facebook timeline a decade ago. Now, she knows how to just completely let go of this metaverse! She did it by herself. La la la!

Happy weekend!

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