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Trio of disappointments & a moment of sunshine


When a person declines your pitch saying nothing about the content itself but about the punctuations then things go downhill. In reality the punctuations are present wherever they are needed. This person is not giving the right feedback at all. There is no constructive criticism. When the pitch was proofread, nothing stupid was found. This man nodded no because of the “punctuations”, which was wrong feedback overall. Silly! They all were sprinkled correctly. I just simply don’t understand how people work sometimes. They want to do something and then they ask for a pitch it a proposal and then they get to know the price and they say anything which resides on their tongue that day. Silly as it could get!

When you are working you read thoroughly right. We all did the same. I did the same 100 times. It just added a comma in my life anyways. Let’s put a full stop.

I do know that certain punctuations can go here and there but in the beginning, all that matters is what we made and served. We can add the punctuations bit later too, right? But what was important and was so perfect was overlooked. That witty and fun content was something worth choosing.


We all members of the Girl Up community were going to receive the certificates and when we uploaded our information on the sheets a month ago due to some reason many members’ names didn’t get through. Why? Due to some glitch and now I am just saying “fine, no worries!”


Now this one is not only affecting me, but everyone. Many states in my country are going under lockdown and some sort of restrictions are imposed. In my state, they haven’t implemented any tight restrictions yet. They are waiting for the things to go south, I guess. Anyways! This is what it is.

In other news, my brother received his first dose and I am on cloud nine. Super grateful!

5 thoughts on “Trio of disappointments & a moment of sunshine

  1. hey! You know there are many clients like that when they hear the price, they start behavior weird pinpointing at flaws. Honestly, it irks to no end with them overlooking content and too much comma or punctuations can affect the flow, something they fail to realize. Hope things get better and you have a successful year financially and professionally. I am planning to dive deep into freelance this year with the website building. May you rock always:)

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