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Tastes & Dates | December 2021

Having a good moral compass is one thing and understanding that we have freedom to keep aside that moral compass and screw up few things in a disciplined manner is another thing.

As you know, I kind off went another way to what my moral compass was asking me to do regarding relationship. But did my body wanted the same thing? My mind gave me all possible reasons to wait and have a nice cuddly serious relationship and all. But my moral compass got thrown out of the door and my body was out and about. Not in any kind of shackles anymore. Even thou’ it was against the moral compass it chose to just celebrate the body and take whatever we are getting.

It was not desperation because the fun having attitude was there. Accepting all the pros and cons about the situation but still believing into the moment more. Not running behind anyone to come closer but allowing things to blossom and coming close to someone you were into in the beginning of the year.

Last year I attended a virtual music festival due to the legit circumstances. And while I pondered about the same on the blog and was reading through other virtual music festival experiences blogs and one person suggested me to “get what you are getting” during those times and somehow that line stayed with me.

You see, watching movies together as a couple without leaving one seat in the middle vacant wasn’t a norm pre pandemic here at least. But now, there is! No one can put hands on your shoulder and caress you up & down or do cute things.

So, now what we get! It is not with whoever comes along but at least who have been throughout the time of the year checking in on you sometimes.

The strict moral compass needed some shake.

Whatever we resist, persists! And it will stay within us bubbling up so much that moral compass would need a mechanic to repair it. Who’s the mechanic? Lord! What he will repair? Any fuss we create so that we recalibrate our moral compass. Again! So, at any given point of time we can begin again.

At the beginning of the year I made a point that I won’t say no to “love” and won’t be hesitating to say it. What we want and how we want it to be. And I am glad I did the same this year. And claimed the love I received in whatever capacity.

Sometimes, we just choose somethings so that you just do it, see it, think about it all and look for where it goes. Rework on the moral compass again. Keep creepy people at bay but remember you will meet someone and will need someone on the way who can just be another earthquake allowing you another chance of maybe making a good mistake.

You see! Sometimes having moral compass just filters up situations for us. But finally the body needs it and the heart desires it. Again!

Blessed be!

Thanks so much for reading.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Love you so much!

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