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Diary’s & other necessities

As I am getting ready for the new year I am getting some boogie gifts for myself and products which I use EVERY DAY. That includes face wash, moisturizer, SPF and gel. I also can’t enjoy my months without diary and books and all. You see I am very much into these things. I bought few books over Kindle to read this month which I see completing in New year in totality.

I haven’t bought makeup at all because you guys know I ain’t using any products at all. I am also thinking of stirring up some saving challenge. Create some sheet in my handmade paper cover long book. And keep the diary to note down my ramblings.

I’ve printed out few fancy sheets
This is a long book I have wrapped with handmade cover paper.

I know one thing for sure is that these stuff keeps me going through thick & thin. Highs and lows! Personal care products & diary and journals are my thing. I just feel grateful that eventually I am upgrading the same and new stuff are getting added. I like to have my journals & long notebooks to be clear and I hate if they are printed inside. Like I want to customize it my way. I don’t need trackers for random things and all that jazz. Just my take!

I feel so good! And also, make sure you catch me on VlogMas here

Do you have a diary or a planner?

Let me know how you are revamping the same this time.

2 thoughts on “Diary’s & other necessities

  1. In this age of phone app, I cannot survive without the age old diaries which is a must for a decade plus. I still have an old one of either 2003-04 at my friend’s flat in Amchi Mumbai. Notepads and pens are definitely my thing. I love you for writing this:)

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