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Will I fall for casual relationship trap?

The hoe-phase is the chapter of the past. Maybe Lord knows it will come back again. Who knows! But let’s talk about now and how I want to position myself here onwards.

Now, what we are looking for is serious relationship stance. Not something where one says that they will only have fun with only YOU even thou “we” are casual-relationship-fun-zoned.

I am looking for a stable and secure man who doesn’t ask to make his afternoon’s and nights better when my loved one is admitted to the hospital. I don’t want any of that. I want a serious relationship where a man has a vision and doesn’t ask for any stupid things at WRONG times.

Having a single kiss when in serious relationship works the best. One doesn’t even remember that casual kiss anymore. Not even one gets any goosebumps thinking of that casual stuff. No one even remembers who the fuck that person was. Wild-young times! My God!

I just can’t believe that version of mine has changed so much. I just get angry now whenever I see people raving about hookup culture and casual relationships. Because, maybe at a very young age I have been there done that.

Do I expect a man who is older than me in his late thirties to be confused about LIFE. About relationships? Like a teenager?

I know that no one’s life is sorted at all. But the men now are so wanting to slip in the inbox and want you in their arms the other minute. And when their advances are turned down they visit the inbox again after revolving around in search of that fun-girl.

I hope a man wanting to be committed is out there. He will be my next hell (haha).

While I took the afternoon nap I got tears rolling down my eyes just because thinking of how things are changing and what men want all the time. The casual stuff is becoming so normalized. It hurts sometimes to turn down such casual relationships advances from these fellas. I find myself whisked between my minds. One mind wants to wait for that serious relationship dude and the other one is so greedy that even a half ass casual time will be okay. Why the hell she needs to lower down her demands and wants? Why the fuck she needs to compromise?

I hope these people put a full stop to their hoe phase as soon as they become aware of the fact. I

I am really looking forward to some steaminess when I find a guy who wants one thing and that would be ONLY me.

This eclipse season has been very intense. The solar eclipse is next month. Woohoo!!

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