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Consumerism: Beauty Sale

You know from my earlier posts that I’ve been lurking over the website which is having a Sale. Ofcourse everyone is gushing and want to 2 get 2 deals. Makeup at 50% off and so on and so on. Note that I haven’t bought anything yet. Nothing! Because, as I am a usual watcher of products and doing online-window-shopping is my great pass time I know that prices haven’t dropped much in the name of SALE. There is no sale it is a clickbait. Actually! Of course it is how a market works. But you know still!

And when you dive in deep and see the expiry date of the gorgeous product you realize that the expiry of the product comes right after 7 months from now. That’s crazy! Like why would you want to buy or say invest in this precious thing then. So, basically the 50% extra we usually are used to pay and roll our eyes on is just the price of the shelf-life, if you will!

The influencers here! OMG! Every influencer is making the videos in the partnership with that online store. Its good that they are recommending but they are everywhere. Like, I would imagine how a 17 year old girl in this over communicated world will try go no-buy.

While I was a website manager for a online store we used to price the clothes just like this. Just let it sound discounted!

Once you start earning there are so many thoughts and desires to put hold on.

Look at this beauty & look above for its expiry.

This is the palette I have been thinking about. Chocolatey!

But I am only thinking. And I am glad I am realizing what’s the right way to go about this.

I would totally recommend watching this YouTuber Hannah Louise Poston very wise & talks about not mindlessly spending on products like mostly beauty products.

When we had Diwali season here I made this video on shopping consiously

4 thoughts on “Consumerism: Beauty Sale

  1. You’re smart for seeing the consumerism trap for what it is… it’s a trap!

    On Black Friday, I went to IKEA and bought a tea steeper. It wasn’t on sale and was something I needed. I also bought some coat hangers. I get pretty excited whenever I buy things I need for the house 😂 I don’t recall the last time I splurged on expensive beauty items.

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