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Clown detector is on since a while

When a person let’s us know that they felt a spark and they want to see how things goes and then they stop. We ask questions to them because we have detected some defects in the whole conversation and past with them. We don’t give away out power to the tempting desires they throw at us. We don’t do that.

So, if you guys remember in the earlier post while I was smiling looking at the sky I was making sure that I don’t get on the ground where I only feel used. That man wants something casual. I have mentioned many times before that that’s not something I want. But he says he wants FWB, Netflix and chill time and call or whatever it means… And I made sure that I bring this to his notice that after a certain point people don’t even know what “it” means in casual cases.

Did I changed my mind casually?

Of course not!

To all the ladies out there choose the guy carefully. Casual stuff can take away your stability sometimes if you are trying to practice vulnerability. A vibrator would at least give orgasms. Finally, during this eclipse season we have brought a full stop. And it feels good because it was a decision which came right through the heart.

Hence, I am gonna proceed and buy a mascara which will stay longer than these men.

Detect the clowns on time and if you want invest in reliable man. At this point literally I am finding a father of my unborn children.

I just want to nestle in my room and read books. Listen to Adele and Taylor’s music or something different. Work on stuff and plan for next year.

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