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What’s my remuneration?

I went to my Granny’s this morning and an old uncle who comes around to have his morning walk at the park wondered what I am doing right now and later moved on with the question saying can I ask you something personal and asked me what’s my remuneration. Alright! I told him! There is no remuneration I have my own business. I work for myself and for the ad agencies and so on. So, the amount keeps fluctuating. I am happy with this.

All of this was eyebrow raising for him and later he raised his thumb and seemed happy/confused and proud maybe as well.

But it feels so right when you are doing your own thing.

It feels so good when you have a business. Yes professional freelancing is like a business.

That man have seen me since I was a child and now I met him after so long. But asking anyone about their remuneration shouldn’t be your first question in the whole getting my point? Its not so earlier questions one shall ask anyone. Like, why would you want to know.

If you are a newbie into this business you will get flock of people coming at you asking this stuff and something like that. Just say up straight and know this is the lifestyle you choose and you are lucky and proud of it. And you are not here to quench anyone’s ego or whatever or just whatever it might be.

So, just be you. You do you! Be you!!

Self-reflection time: So, let’s see why I hate when people ask me this. Is it because of me realizing how this is not a 9-5 job and all. I am thinking about the different nature my work has. It gives freedom and for anyone who wants to be digital nomad and roam around. This is good. Then why I don’t want to yell and tell about the $$$ like why? Because I feel they just cross that boundary. Maybe I don’t want them to judge for xyz figure I tell them.

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