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No Time To Die : Beginning & Ends

The end is the beginning for something. I am in tears of joy right now that I finally had an opportunity to watch a movie at theater.

Getting my ticket and finally climbing up the stairs felt like mesmerizing and blissful. The minute I stepped in the theatre I just felt everything starting and something ending. I had so much desire to catch up the movie at the theater the day it got released in my state. My state had restrictions. So..

Feeling grateful to step back into the experience after 18 months long wait.

My family didn’t wanted me to go at theater. But I went because I wanted to. I don’t need their permission to follow my plans for a movie. Freaked me out!

But anyways, I feel like I am on the top of the world. Touchwood!

No time to die in 3D is marvelous. Amazing! And the ending made me cry. So, I am in the midst of feeling double-triple mega emotional this weekend. There was the feeling of longing to get back to theater and finally the day arrived. And No Time To die will be Daniel Craig’s final installment to this amazing James Bond Franchise.

The experience will be always cherished. Going solo at theater is my thing.

Grateful Lady in the alley

If you can chase halfway and taste the deliciousness you’ll be happy and won’t have any resentment.

Lord knows this lady loves big things and big screens so I am awaiting more theatrical experiences coming along.

Which movie you saw first at the theater this year?

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