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Taking all the rain

Today after a year gap I completely allowed myself to get soaked in rain. Being vaccinated just offers another level “sukoon” I strolled across my colony today and picked up some necessary stuff on the way. Added some delicacy in the basket to celebrate this quarter.

Enjoying something without getting panic is a whole blessing.

On the way back home I grabbed pizza for my brother and he loved it. He will be going to college next year and I am being a good big sister. I hope he thinks the same..haha!

Today after a good damn break I wore back my shoes. Sports shoes! For some play. What a gusto I felt in the air. Amazing! For a girl who thinks a lot, cares alot and sacrifices alot for the better good. These moments were refreshing and felt like I am here to be my 2.0 version. Resilient and bold!

Dreamy and caring!

The theaters and all the entertainment houses would be starting in October and I so much want to watch a good movie on the big screen. I would love to put out reviews! Again…and get back in that momentum back again.

We are here to help society, be there for our folks and choose ourselves too.

Late night makeup party. Halloween mood!

Sending positive vibes!

Let’s continue with our winning streak…

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